The year of the long winded jackal

So a new day dawns. This year ( a year in harness of course) I resolve to get cracking on the photography side of things. But still reflecting in a verbally sort of way (common parlance: verballywaywise) on the situation around n'that.
First up: Friday after work. Whighams again. Superb company. Their wine glasses are so big! And home. A bit of Leonard Cohen. If there's one thing that annoys me (and whoops, there are several) it's that lazy clichéd summation of his output as depressing and near-suicidal. It's not. It's beautiful. Fools!
Mind you, having listened to some of his stuff awhile, I must admit he could do with a bit of a shake. In fact, he needs to rattle those pots and pans.
Whoah - 366 ! Let's get the party started! And thanks to everyone for yesterday's comments. Really very kind so yers are and thanks thanks thanks. I'll buy you a drink. Between youse!

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