Dreaming in Blues

By SapphireDreamer

Buried and Sinking Deeper

This is the stack of books I have homework in. And it's only the second week of classes.

For sociology of gender, already have to read 170 pages, two articles, write two journal entries, and come up with four discussion questions by tomorrow. This is the only homework I've managed to finish today.

For violence against women, have to finish an entire 200 page book, then write a 5-7 page review on it by next Wednesday, not to mention two chapters in 'Macho Paradox', three chapters in 'Sexual Assault' and two chapters in 'Sexual Assault on the College Campus'. I also have a group presentation in about a week or so on a topic outside of class that I haven't had time to even look at yet.

For qualitative methods, have to read two chapters in 'Analyzing Social Settings', plus 40 pages in 'Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes', answering 10 discussion questions, and finish the IRB online training course. I also have to turn in fieldnotes for two different sites of one to two hours each.

For my proseminar, I have to read an article online, plus a chapter in a book i don't have, and then write a critical reflection of the article and chapter online.

This list of stuff doesn't even include the work I have to do for the professor I'm working for (helping her publish a book before the end of the quarter), the professor I worked for last quarter whose work I couldn't finish because it's too freakin' much, as well as the work I need to do to start my thesis which needs to be well on its way by the end of this quarter.

I have little to no time to breathe, let alone sleep, and the projects just seem to keep piling. To all of you who will tell me I'm wasting time on blip and should be doing my homework instead, I want to tell you that right now, blip is one of the few things keeping me sane. At least here, I can feel like I'm accomplishing something.

*Highlight: Abby has a new Friend

The girl began thinking. Was the man married? If so, was his wife still alive? Where were the Jamie's parents? Was this a weekly occurrence, Benedict taking care of Jamie, or were the parents taking a day for themselves? Did he spoil Jamie? The girl sat down on a bench across from where Benedict and Jamie had stopped. She took out her journal and a pen. This was her favorite part.

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