On My Doorstep

By bwhere

Heel Pain

This could be construed as an entry in the Body parts Challenge! But there is a story behind it.

A number of months ago I pounded the urban pavements of somewhere I was visiting. I walked too far in unsuitable shoes. Arriving home I developed a pain in my heel which got worse in the days following my excesses.

I battled on with this as one of the tribulations you have to endure, limping and groaning at every opportunity. My wife (who can diagnose a TV illness before Casualty doctors have got a look in) decided to do some Google research. In a flash she identified the problem as Plantar Fasciitis. She matched the symptoms and found some suggestions for treatment.

This is me doing the recommended morning exercise, pulling back the toes with a scarf. As well as that I have invested in some shoe inserts that support the arch of the foot and the heel. They have worked wonders. Even though I am still experiencing the heel pain I do not have to limp the way I did.

Will I completely overcome it now that I have done it? I don't know but at least I have made some progress.

My conclusion? Body parts are wonderful if they give pleasure rather than pain!

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