The way I see it.

By christinePears

Garden Visitor

All morning the birds in the garden where playing a game of cat and mouse with me. I had set up camera and tripod at open kitchen window with it zoomed onto the bird feeder hoping to get a good shot of the blue tits or gold finches. I would see them feeding but the moment I moved to the camera they were off! I would ignore them and sneek back into the kitchen and there they were feeding again but only until I touched the camera. Finally I got a few good shots. Just as I was about to go out I went into the bathroom to take some final pictures from a different angle. When I got new windows fitted the company forgot to put frosted glass in the bathroom window and I kept it that way as nobody can see in and I get a great view down the river!

There in the viewfinder I saw this lovely female sparrowhawk calmly staring back at me as she perched on the neighbours fence. No tripod and the window closed but I managed to get a few shots before she flew off. I love it when the unexpected blip just turns up out of nowhere!

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