not seeing straight

By jaybroek


Circumstances have conspired to bring us to deepest Kirkcudbrightshire for a few days. Still working all day but with a great view of the sky and the temptation to sprint out every few minutes as the afternoon wore on and hinted at a dramatic sunset.

No such bloody luck as it panned out... so you get the local loch.

With apologies to kind patewu who commented on the original pic of a rather dreary, wintry loch, I have switched.

The in-laws are downsizing from a freakishly enormous former hotel-scale property (I kid you not) and we are in the midst of a number of discussions that start with the phrase 'Do you think you have room for...'

So shelves, tea sets, a milk jug, a marble-top washstand and a rather fine clock are coming our way. The harmonium however...

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