A memory and a Daffodil

25 years ago today I gave birth to my first son Gary at 8.05pm, he came into this world 6 weeks early and weighing 6lb 2oz. He had pure white hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes. I fell in love with him.

There were daffodils in the hospital ward and I thought it fitting that I use one as today's blip. This is the original.

I look back over the years filled with so many memories, some make me smile, some make me cry and some make me helpless with laughter. It seems such a long time ago and yet it seems like only yesterday. It makes me realise that I am no longer that young girl even though I still feel like her most of the time.

Today we went out for a meal with him to celebrate and his dad Alan and wife Lu came too, along with Natalie's mum and brother as well as some others. It was great to catch up with everyone. We had a lovely afternoon, only missing Paul who will be back home on 1st Feb.

So today I want to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful son Gary, I love you and I am proud that you have grown into a fine young man, you are a great father to Ellis and you work hard to provide for your family.
I love you very much
love always


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