By traceyflowerpot

Stand Out...

I know this isnt the best of a shot, the background is blown out, but I really like the flower in the foreground.

I couldnt even bother to tinker with it, I have been at the hospital most of the day I have torn all the ligament in the top of my right hand finger, I am in a splint for 8 weeks now, grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The doctor thought it was broken or dislocated as it is turned inwards.

To top it off I was at the hospital for a problem with my foot and bothe knees, he says my bone is too long in one of my toes and it needs shortening and that the ligaments are going in the back of my knees,and also wear and tear greatttttt.

So as you can hear I am not a happy bunnikins.

I am finding it quite difficult to hold my camera at present. I hope this doesnt hurt the whole of the eight weeks.

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