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Wortley Walled Garden

Grey and a little more grey today.

A short trip out this afternoon to the small but perfectly formed Wortley Farm Shop and a visit to the Post Office, come general store and newsagents to hand over my vouchers for the weekend papers.

I didn't have a photo-project in mind so thought I'd walk into Wortley Hall grounds to take a few photos before returning home. (The hall is now a residential hotel and conference centre.)

The information below is taken from the Walled Garden Heritage Project Website.

Boiler House and Chimney

Last Updated by Jenny on Apr 26, 2010
This was part of a sophisticated heating system that allowed Victorian gardeners to produce tender crops. Greenhouses would have been built against the walls and hot air from the large chimney further into the garden would have been pumped through the walls to keep the greenhouses warm. Wortley Walled Garden is known to have produced pineapples, grapes, figs and melons.

Avenue Cottage

Last Updated by Jenny on Apr 26, 2010
Looking towards the North West corner of the garden you will see Avenue Cottage which was built in 1862 as a home for the head gardener. This is now a private residence whose garden would once have been part of the walled garden.

p.s I'm not sue whether I should have gone for defined edges on this montage today - what do you think?

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