Not the Mughal gardens

Gauging my progress midway, I realized I would fail the challenge. But as I continued, for the sheer love of it, there was no stopping. When I could finally make it to bed, it was close enough to the start of the morning ride, so to keep calls at bay, I switched the phone off and pulled the blanket over me.

Took the metro rail to the Rashtrapati Bhavan (the residence of the President of India) where for a few weeks which started last Tuesday, the famed Mughal Gardens are open to public. The huge numbers of people in the train and the stations still baffle me. For a long while I couldn't find a bin to dispose off my leaking cup (have been rather unlucky with cups lately), so carried it for a long time until my fingers got sticky. Sometimes, given how much litter there can be on the roads, we feel dejected but how little, if anything our contribution may mean. But if the idea of disposing items properly catches on to only a few more among these huge crowds, it can make a big difference.

Anyway, as I was waiting with my camera shooing what you see above, I was interrupted by multiple queries for directions which I answered most patiently (Not that there was any little Karma in it, because when we later needed directions to the United Coffee House, people were most vague and not in the least bit interested.). I have to try working upon a confused/awed touristy expression the next time.

S was the enthusiast today and I decided to do the following, which is really fun devoid of any kind of thinking or decision making. It was a pity that nothing (not even a pen) was allowed inside the grounds. Glad they allowed us to keep our clothes on! The crazy pushing while getting in, would have choked anyone who isn't accustomed to it. At times I was fearful of a stampede. But overall, there were no flaring tempers. I think the weather, which rapidly became cloudy followed by thick drops of rain contributed to it. Hardly flora enthusiasts, we walked on like ants in a row until the raindrops got smaller and their numbers larger. Again like ants, we all rushed under trees. Though I found much reason to mock unimpressive-looking wild grasses called Kiss of fire and China moon and few dead shrubs called the Eiffel tower, we enjoyed our walk through the cold rain. We did like the tulips and naturally photos were framing themselves in my mind as my fingers curved themselves against an invisible camera.

The coffee that followed was good, the grilled sandwich even better before we decided to wrap the day up with full stomachs and general good cheer.

P.S. The two shots in the diptych above are taken from almost the same spot, with me facing opposite directions. On the left, behind the bed of flowers is the Rashtrapati Bhavan and on the right behind the paani puri vendor is the India Gate.


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