By sp33dway


Meet 'Tank'.

He's a 'cameroon armoured filter shrimp' (armoured tank - geddit?) and he lives in my 125litre aquarium scuttling around the dark places. He looks menacing but is in fact the most gentle thing in there, as timid as timid can be despite being a current size of around three inches and despite his eventual size which will be a bit more than six. He has 'flowers' instead of the usual pincereyclaws which act as little filtereygrabberthings, trapping the tiny bits of goodness from the water for him to eat, which helps a bit with filteration too.

See that bigger knobbly leggy bit? That's his means of defense - a big 'club' with a bit of a spike on the end which he stabs out if any of my other fish get a bit cheeky.

He's ACE. Until he sheds his skin, then I have to remove the cast which to me is like taking out a mahoosive dead spider. And some of you know what I'm like about spiders...

(The rock he's perched on, incidentally, will be removed tonight for fear of it containing copper.)

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