All Quiet on the Home Front

This was quite a red letter day for the Dower House.

Firstly, I got the correct day to visit the local podiatry clinic to hear tell about the exercises which may relieve my 6 month old sore foot.
Not that, if everything goes to plan, this will happen in less than eight weeks.
However it may be the start of regaining my lightness of foot and general nimbleness.

But the most significant occurrence was the fact that his Lordship and I had a sortie into town to do some shopping, and not only did we travel into town together, but more importantly, we travelled home together on the same bus, enjoying a coffee at the end in a general mood of camaraderie. This doesn't always happen.

When I pointed out to his Lordship that not one cross word had been uttered in the course of 3 hours, he rather spoiled the occasion by telling me that it was because I had been more relaxed than usual.
This is a man who is so tense and driven unless asleep, that even he saw the funny side of his remark. I see the 'no-fault at my door' syndrome to be a side effect of too much testosterone.

On my way home from the podiatrist, I took the chance to visit the canal which very conveniently provided me with today's blip.

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