Dave's Views

By davethespoon

Up The Creek

The rivers around Falmouth have numerous muddy creeks, indeed the Frenchman's Creek is nearby on the Helford river and the main building on the university campus is named after Daphne du Maurier.

This houseboat is in Penryn opposite the excellent Miss Peapod's Cafe where we took Isabelle for brunch today before dropping her back at Uni for afternoon studies whilst we headed for home.

Living on a houseboat is one of the more exciting possibilities for student accommodation in the Falmouth area, which is rapidly becoming so overrun with students that houses are increasingly difficult to come by. Oh the stresses of student life!

Isabelle however is planning the even more exciting option of living in a Mongolian yurt - a semi permanent circular tent. She and some friends are currently negotiating with the local planning department to be allowed to live on a local farm. Lets hope this comes off as it would be an exceedingly excellent adventure. If it all falls through and there's nowhere else left to rent then they will certainly be up a creek without a paddle!

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