Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

And that was the end of the tupperware

This is Marks unfortunate attempt at making sugar syrup in the microwave. This is to compliment the popcorn that comes out of the lovely new popcorn maker.'s melted through the plastic. Mmmm...plastic sugar lava...

Very hot and sticky mess it was.

Speaking of which, I was also one of those today! went to my first Zumba class, but it has been concluded that is was not a normal was for all intensive purposes, porn. Dancing porn, but porn none the less. I'm told normal Zumba has more structure and not so much pretend grinding.

In other news, I got a nice rejection letter from the lovely nursing home I had the interview for last week. Promptly used it to write an address on, I always seem to be scrabbling for a bit of paper!

Off to undo all the good Zumba/porn work and watch a film with popcorn!

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