Nastia's Slow Little Days

By Anastasia

Short-Sleeve Weather

Ironically, the day after I take photos I can post with the full consent of the human subject, I go out taking people-watching photos of strangers! But really, I had to document the incredible balmy February day! And really, the lady with the colorful shirt looked pissed (I have one photo from when she turned around once and looked into the lens of my camera, which was oh so innocently pointed out toward the street, surveying everyone's weird behavior and clothing responses to the groundhogs' good tidings). But then, what exactly are the identifying characteristics here (of this woman, that is)? Agh, photography ethics!

Spent the day packing, preoccupying/perplexing (these should be everyday verbs, guys! Either way, it's better than "worrying," after all!), swimming 1000 meters, getting a smoothie from a small local-ish cafe-ish place (in a styrofoam cup, though - sad face), scarfing down delicious pesto pasta (Pesta! Eureka?), packing some more, then riding, Pennsylvania-bound, through rush-hour traffic and late-night, sleepy hours. That was taxing, for both the driver (roommate) and me. The upside? I had plenty of time to play with my kinetic photography obsession, actually see the sunset again (and snap some photos of that, too!), and indulge my guilty pleasure of McDonald's fries.

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