Journey Through Time

By Sue

Flower Bunny

It was hard for me to choose what image to use today. A good friend of my aunt's died and hubby, auntie and I went to her service today. It was nice and she had several floral tributes. There was a gorgeous bouquet and then there was this floral bunny. I have a lovely detail of the stargazer lilies that were in the "gorgeous" bouquet, but I chose the floral bunny because this was a tribute by somebody who really knew Carole, the lady who died. She loved animals and over the years had cats and dogs and rabbits. She had a large collection of rabbit figurines and such. You know how it is when your friends and relatives know you like something like that. And like the real rabbits, her collection multiplied quickly. I've never seen a floral bunny before, I don't think, and I thought this was really sweet. It seemed to fit her.

PS Before you think this is creepy, I want you to know that after everyone left the room to go to the reception room for coffee, I went back and nobody was there. Well, Carole was there, but she didn't mind.

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