a town called E.

By Eej


I woke up feeling a bit better than yesterday. Hurray!
Work is crazy at the moment with lots of rush-orders and messiness. And we still haven't moved but there's a chance it will happen next week. *plants back of hand dramatically on forehead *

The Beloved is getting on the good side of his new bosses by doing a few weeks of second shift to help them out. That means he's leaving at 3 and not home until after midnight. Now, I am an emancipated woman who has lived by herself for many, many years and I can take care of myself. Honestly.

So why is it that I was already bored senseless about an hour after he left?
I know, I'm insane.

Fortunately I read an article about free-lensing, and while it's almost the same as the reverse lens technique (except that you don't actually reverse the lens) it still gave me something to experiment with. And that always entertains me :)
Thing is, as with many experiments, first results weren't all that. Except the ones of Harley. Figures :/

The peanuts that I put out yesterday morning are still there. Where are you Squire Squirrely Squirrel?

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