Snow Patterns

We were supposed to have a huge snow storm last night with inches of snow and cold blasting wind. What we actually had was much more mellow: a couple of inches and cold temperatures. I woke to bright blue skies. When I stepped out on the deck to feed the birds I noticed the snow had formed interesting patterns on the wrought iron tables on the deck. Aha! My blip. Good thing too as I spent the rest of the day super busy. Finished my poetry painting at Open Studio. (Picture later. Didn't have time to take one today.) By the time I left Open Studio, most of the snow had melted but it was bitter cold. I rushed home and picked up Arvin. We went back downtown to the Pickford Theater to see "The Illusionist." What a charming movie. Then home for comfort food - roast beef hash and eggs with toast. Yum. By then it was night and I was very glad I'd seen the snow patterns in the morning. (Check them out large.)

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