By Darrie

Lost In Thought

This picture shows a keyring with the inscription around the outside of the gold angel, it reads : NEVER DRIVE FASTER THAN YOUR ANGELS CAN FLY.
This is a constant reminder for me when driving as it belonged to my kid sister who died three years ago on May 29th of this year.

Anyway I took this picture while sat in the car with Roxy my little Shih Tzu dog, waiting for my wife to come out of Lidl. I was lost in thought looking at this keyring, my head full of thoughts of sis (Nelly) as I called her. My overwhelming thought though is that she travels with me as my Angel. So I never drive that fast that I leave her behind.

So ends today's journal, sorry if it was a bit down beat.

Life must go on, so tomorrow will be a happier entry I'm sure :-))))))

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