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Mellow sax

Well, I'm feeling virtuous - just been to cast my votes as it's general election day here in Ireland. Until about 20 minutes ago I did not intend to vote as all parties seem to have absolutely nothing to offer, and even the Independent candidates seem prone to crazy ideas (build a huge cargo depot in Bantry bay, bring back stag hunting - no and no). Then I got thinking and my conscience stirred - I'm usually mercifully conscious free but, in view of what's happening in so many parts of the world, it seemed morally wrong not to vote when I am in the privileged position of being able to - even if the candidates are all eejits. Especially being female too. I had no idea who I was going to vote for and am still not sure who I nominated! 13 candidates and you're meant to nominate them in order of preference - 1 to 13. Ah well, it will be interesting.

Thick mist and drizzle today. Ventured in to Bantry to get some new tyres. I braved the tyre fitters where accents are extremely thick (Cork and Polish) and for some reason my small car has ferociously expensive and unusual tyres and there were none in stock. They will be in by Monday, I think that was the arrangement!

This very cool dude was playing mellow sax in the market. I was very taken by his hat.

The sheela na gig seems to have aroused interests here's a link to find out more. Apparently there are 3 in Scotland, one on Iona but I don't know where the other two are!! Quite a few in Wales and England and lots in Ireland.

Happy weekend everyone :)

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