Meet my Mum

For me every Friday is Mum's day. I drive from Rotterdam to Flushing and after coffee and bringing each other up to date we visit the market en the shoppingmalls. Although my mother is over 90 years old she's still young at heart. She has her own shoppinglist and all articles are tested and compared (especially on price :) before she decides to buy. And no chance she lets herself be fobbed off. Oh no!

Today I told her about, the meaning of it all and about the people of this wonderful community. And she said: "Well, say them hello for me". I promised to do that but told her that people like to see who says 'hallo' to them. She agreed with a picture of herself in my Blipjournal.

I took the picture (she didn't noticed it at the moment) in a for her caracteristic pose. The newspaper on her lap meanwhile concentraded watching the news on television. She listens every day to all newsprograms. And it can pretty well be discussed with her!

So meet my mum! And I show her the picture I took ...

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