By Saffi

Aubrietia and drainpipe

Today has been more like an April day with bright sunlight dashed with heavy rain and hail showers. The self-seeded Aubrietia is beginning to bloom over the south walls of the old barns, mostly on the barn which is about to tumble down unfortunately. Here we have on the right the wall of the derelict barn where it joins the high-ceilinged cart shed where the horses used to pull the carts under cover laden with hay. I rather liked the shape of the top of the drain and the ferns and moss growing behind the pipe.

N is glued to the Scotland v Ireland Rugby match and T is out working somewhere on the farm. We have a TB test tomorrow on the cattle - so please keep fingers crossed! We won't know until the end of the week whether the cattle will have passed or not and those that havn't have to be shot on the farm.

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