By CleanSteve

My occasional stone series - Roman altars

I re-discovered a file of research notes I made a couple of years ago, about the local landscape near to our house. In it were copies of old maps including one of a Tithe Map from 1841, which shows all the separate properties, including land and buildings. After my meeting with Camilla to discuss a Stroud Preservation Trust project I am involved with, I thought I would go our local 'Museum in the Park' and see what I could find to add to my earlier research. I also wanted to photograph an old oil painting from the 1850s which shows the landscape of not only our valley, but also the newly built railway and the Brunel Goods Shed which is one of our Trust buildings.

A staff member assured me that I could take photos as long as no flash was used. Unfortunately the painting was hanging at the top of a staircase and was rather poorly lit. I managed some pictures and noticed that it featured the WayHouse in the painted landscape, which I am trying to find out more about. It was built before 1600, but was demolished in the 1950s. But it wasn't good enough to Blip.

I found many interesting little exhibits which I might have shown you. But in the end, I liked these Roman stone altars that were discovered in the nearby village of Bisley. I don't know anything about them, but I will try to learn more. Last week it was announced that a series of Roman graves were discovered just on the edge of Stroud, some dating from the 1st century which is very early for Roman sites in Britain. There were also some neolithic remains in the same place which suggests a very long-term occupation of this area.

it is a great museum to have. I expect I will be back.

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