By CleanSteve

Beating about the bush

I felt rather unwell last night and only a bit better now. The sun has shone this afternoon in fits and starts. Helena has been readying the house for an influx of friends tonight for food and games. It is a rare event to see this sort of activity, but Helena saw me with my camera and suggested I shoot her beating up the rug.

I had just been at the bottom of the garden coaxing Bomble to run around, so I could practice some action shots, but today he wasn't interested. A few minutes later after I had mended a bird-feeder and hung it back up, I climbed some steps, which are masked here by the carpet.

I was carrying some chairs from the cabin into the house, when I heard a very loud urgent squawking from a bird right behind me. I quickly twisted round to my right and saw a Blackbird fly past me, from left to right in this picture, exactly where Helena's head would have been if she had still been beating. Then the reason for all the noise flew past with the same trajectory, but just a few yards behind the Blackbird. It was a Sparrowhawk, which having been unable to follow the Blackbird into the hedge, swept up vertically and over the roof of the next door house. Helena did just glimpse the Hawk, but only heard the Blackbird. How exciting to see it for the third time in a week. Will I ever have my camera ready?

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