By CleanSteve

Bomble on his chair

I made some progress in the garden, planning the layout of the raised beds more accurately and assessing what else I must do in preparation. It was so good to be out and about in the fresh air and in and out of the cabin, where I was tidying up tools and materials, making better use of the space. I even managed a bit of pruning of some rather too ragged plants, which I will do more of tomorrow.

Bedclothes were airing in the sun and Bomble was up and about much earlier in the day than usual, lying about on the patio's stone slabs to warm himself. Our next door neighbours newish kitten came over to play with Bomble nd is becoming more adventurous around me as well. I was lolling on the sofa in the cabin at one point having a cup of tea when the kitten jumped in through an open window, rather than the door, and wandered around the room.

Late in the afternoon having finished my tasks, I sat on the sofa again to enjoy the fading light. Bomble had come in a little earlier and made himself at home on a reclining chair to keep an eye on the bird feeders from a comfortable position. It wasn't long before he was nodding off. He appears to love being in the cabin as much as I do.

I played around in the camera a bit and then had to play around in Aperture too. The colours are not quite true but they are as good as I can get, as I have to go now.

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