By Runningbackwards

When the seagulls follow the trawler...

Here, somewhere in Epping Forest I took a photograph of a gull. Why not? They are beautiful birds and their whiteness gives them a certain purity. You have to admire their adaptability.

I wonder if this one is thinking, 'I wish I was back on the high seas' or like my Uncle, who spent some time as a merchant seaman prone to reminiscing, 'Ah, I remember the gorgeous sunsets whilst anchored for months off Bahrain back in the day'.

I suspect he is thinking, 'BREAD' as our friends were busy feeding the Canada Geese down below!

A trip to London over and we're all now tired. It's the end of the half term holiday and it's definitely work tomorrow. I know in advance it's going to be a busy week, all week so am trying to stay in my relaxed state as long as possible!

Managed a London Thames Skyline view yesterday and was really keen to blip it last night. Our friends' wi-fi was down and therefore I couldn't feed the addiction. Got to get a sense of perspective!

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