Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

The City from the Moor

I was poised to publish this entry last night, when some malware came and ate my laptop, which I've still to fix. I did have a nice narrative all written out, which I probably won't be able to reproduce now, but here are some highlights.

There were some more signs of spring, with the first frog activity, more than two weeks earlier than last year. I initially set off on a short walk with 3yo, but she wanted to keep going so we headed further up the moor to this spot, the 'sheep field,' although none of the sheep were at home.

I chose this image over others, as I like the deep shadows in the tussocky grass, thrown by the afternoon sun. This scene nicely captures the feel of the southern edge of Baildon Moor/ Hope Hill, with its extensive views over the City of Bradford. Listers Mill in Manningham is prominent in this shot.

It was a day of good visibility, and changeable conditions: sharp showers, bright sunshine and rainbows. A couple of other shots from the walk include the view to Emley Moor mast, twenty miles to the south; and another toward Leeds, complete with Highland Cow.

afternoon light ~ deep shadows ~ see the city ~ from the moor ~ the grass is long

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