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Charney Mill

One hundred and sixty mile drive this afternoon, at times through torrential rain, and I'm now back home in South Yorkshire.

When I first looked out of the window at around 7.20 this morning sunlight was just beginning to light up the walls of the Manor House and I decided to get outside quickly and take a few photos before the light disappeared.

This fascinating barn is very different to barns in my part of the world and The photograph shows Charney Mill which I first photographed in the rain on Friday. (Many thanks to Amalarian for raising the question in my mind about whether it was a barn or not.) I've since found the building on the internet.

Charney Bassett Water Mill >>>

I've chosen this image as it gives a sense of the village as you emerge from the Manor house drive.

As I walked back into the drive a woodpecker was drumming away close by and I spent a very pleasant few minutes with E playing spot the woodpecker. We found her/him in the end.

I ended up with several other good images which I'll probably add to Flickr wwhen I have a few minutes.

Here the village of Charney Bassett where I've been staying.

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