By Viewpoint

A sorting out kind of day!

I usual wake early and it was my intention to catch up on some commenting but we were four hours without an internet connection this morning. I finally had to phone the BT Broadband helpline and report a fault. Interestingly it was back on again within 15 minutes of my conversation with the technical helpline. The engineers are supposed to be phoning tomorrow!

Lots of catching up and sorting out today. Photographing some of my prints I thought I'd better take something for todays blip and settled on a pineapple! Now, although they are quite good pineapple photos I wasn't sure why I was blipping them - I seem to do this quite a lot at the moment, that is, take photos of something just to have a photo.

I now have so many photos that I really need to spend some time having a `cull' and putting in place some categorisation. So my photo today represents the time I need to spend to sort out those thousands of photos taken over the past 156 days!

In the end I gave up and went for a walk, it's been so grey again that I needed to soak up any available light before it got dark. I wonder if this will go down on record as our greyest January/ February on record!

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