Daytime lightning

Lightning is cool :)
It's not completely daytime (bout 20:00), but it was still kind of light, so it took me about 70 shots to capture this flash.

I did shoot this one not too long ago, but that was night-time, so the exposure could be in the 30'' range. Much easier to capture a lighting strike that way. But now it was a couple of seconds maximum (at the lowest ISO and the diaphragm maximally closed).

Anyway, we found another open WIFI we could use on the farm where we're staying to recover from last weekends wedding. If you're interested, take a look at the shots :)

Everyone, thank you for you comments yesterday on my 1095 / 3 year blip ;)
I'm a bit lacking in commenting because of the whole not-too-much-internet thingy, but when we get back home, i'll comment around more :)

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