every now and then

I had originally planned to pop up Calton Hill to get some sort of fake postcard sort of shot but got distracted by all the people, especially those finding little quiet spots away from the crowds so that they can be picked out and used as a focal point. Plenty of spare shots tonight which I might pop back tomorrow and re-take.

Almost every day I go outside and see something (light catching something, face/expression full of life, new angle) that makes me glad to have gone outside and walked that particular route/looked in that particular direction/paused at that particular point. Most days I am annoyed by something too (mess, oafery, disrespect) but the annoyance usually involves sound as well as sight. The trick seems to be to stick to the quiet areas. Today those seemed to be anyplace which has been heaving with people for the past three weeks.

A question:

How should one go about approaching someone (who appeared to be up the hill as much for the view and people-watching as for the photography but who seemed to have a good visual awareness and seemed to be really considering the view and their sparingly-taken shots and not just indiscriminately clicking) in order to hand them a blipcard without perturbing, scaring or otherwise psychologically inconveniencing them (especially if they had heard of the recent mugging)?

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