By cyclops

Ardvreck Castle

Today was a bit of a hassle. Something came up just as I left the house, then I was delayed 40 minutes on the way to work by an accident on the Forth Road Bridge. A project I have been working on for a couple of months now has hit a bit of a roadblock too - so some rethinking required.

I didn't get away until later than intended, and by the time I'd got my air/nitrox fills for the first days diving I was late getting on the road. Still, I spent most of the 5 hour journey time up to Lochinver listening to Radio 4 podcasts on my iPod, which I find a fascinating way to pass the time. I learned a lot about China, Nelson Mandela, Crime... All sorts of things.

I had in mind to photograph Ardvreck Castle but I was worried it was getting too dark. Fortunately the E510 doesn't get as noisy with long exposures as the compacts I'm used to, so I'm fairly pleased with the result. It was lovely and peaceful at the side of Loch Assynt...

Ensconsed in my B&B now, just spoke to MrsCyclops to catch up with her day and now off to see if any of my fellow divers fancy a beer before bedtime ;-)

I'm on a GPRS connection so I won't be commenting for the next few days, but hopefully I should be able to keep blipping!

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