horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

White Rabbits!

Happy first of the month! I've now managed two complete months in a row for the first time in like for-evah. No white rabbits up Craigmillar Castle Park on a lunchtime bike spin to get some air, but a nice couple of Buzzards showing off. I then rode down. Yip. Slick tyres, fixed wheel, damp steep grassy hill. I haz skillz.

But, before anything else, remember I mentioned a couple of days ago that Isla chased a fox out of the garden but I didn't have a camera at the ready? Well today I had my phone beside me, and grabbed some video, in YouTube and Flickr flavours.

Feisty doesn't begin to describe this wee madam....

Anyway, morning began with some digiscoping, taking the telescope to Duddingston Loch to have a closer look at the nesting herons - and it worked pretty well. There's a lot of vignetting, and I could have done with the sun of the last couple of days instead of the greyness that descended. And the bonus cormorant was all the better cos I managed to track it, manually focus and fire off a few shots as it was flying (before it hopped onto a convenient branch).

Taiko drumming week 7 tonight - and after 6 weeks of meeting up to eat in the Filmhouse beforehand, George and I are going to try Nando's. We live life on the edge so we do.

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