Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

Family dinner

Rather boring day in the Warren house today.

I went to Winski's (a local jewellers) to get my wedding ring and engagement ring re-sized. That's going to cost me a fortune. Oh well. Went to Debenhams and got a bathroom mirror, a frame that doesn't actually fit what we want it to and also a glass pyrex bowl. Exciting. Also went to Aldi to get some food.

Then there was TV. Lots of TV.

Went to parents house a per first Wednesday in the month "Come for dinner" evening. We had Jamie Oliver's Chicken Satay with fiery noodle salad - with a lot less fire than intended. It was super yummy though :)

My poor family don't seem to like posing for me. So....this is my mother. She's not crying, but is she hiding from my lens. Humph. People would pay for this attention you know! :)

P.S. Please don't be upset for me blipping you know it's cause I love you....

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