New Dawn #14

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Would have been good to get this one on yesterday as the 'year ago blip' would have shown this view exactly as it was, well, a year ago. I did take a photo but the sky was flatter than Holland and at least today the clouds were a bit more photogenic.

The build here still seems to be behind though we're assured it isn't. As I was taking today's shot a guy I've spoke to in some of local hostelries on the odd occasion stopped for a chat. He's actually starting on a 6 month contract up there on Monday and as far as he can tell there's a big push on to play some catch up. It's good too that some more locals are getting the opportunity to get on site as there's been a lot of rumblings about the lack of locals in the workforce on this job.

There's also been rumblings coming to a head today in the national press on other matters related to the college here, but it's the weekend and I want to get off to a nice start to it so will leave it at that for now.

Next shot in the series should see some more greenery on those trees and possibly yet another huge Andy Scott erection appearing on the roundabout down there underneath the ASDA sign. Wahey.

Petrol Price update: Still a joke, up another penny to 126.9 for unleaded and double that to 131.9 for diesel. There was a report on the Scottish news tonight that showed a small petrol station in the Kyle of Lochalsh where the unleaded is 146.9 today. That's the same petrol station we'll be using when we head up there at Easter for a week and I'm scared to think what it'll be then.

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