Andy's Photo Journal

By andmoff


Every day we log onto blip and we see what comment the community has left us. Every now and again we get a comment that will flabbergast us. Yesterday I had a comment on a mundane "filler" shot of my bookcase for World Book Day. A comment that came in and said, matter of fact, "My Uncle was photographed by Paul Strand". Now that is possibly the most intriguing comment I've ever had on blip and had to be followed up.

The comment was left by Snapper, a quick click showed me she was from Scotland, so I immediately thought of Tir A'Mhurain, my favourite photo book. A few comments later Snapper confirmed it was this book and her Uncle is on page 97. So there he is, Angus Peter MacIntyre. As a coincidence it's one of my favourite portraits in the book, he's such a striking and handsome man, though my heart will always belong to Katie Morag Morrison in this book, more on her here.

The book was revisited on it's 50th anniversary by another American, Josef Tornick, following as much as possible the original book and photographing some of Strands original subjects, it's worth a wee look.

Tir A'Mhurain is still in print and well worth buying, and Strand is well worth exploring. He's as close to the "complete" photographer as I have came across.

Thanks for that Snapper.

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