Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

Endings and Beginnings

Well I've done it. 365 gaps and only one back-blip. I toyed with doing a fancy 365 shot but decided that I'd brave the camera myself today, and include a bit of my beautiful piano. I had a bit of help as every time I sat down Noah hurled himself at me. The out takes are quite amusing and I'm sure some of them will find their way to Flickr eventually.

I'm ridiculously pleased at achieving this self-imposed target. it hasn't been easy finding the time or the inspiration some days but I'm really glad I did it.

I'm sure my photography and my post-processing have improved but the two things I wasn't really expecting are how my powers of observation have improved (though for that you could also read 'How I've learned to scrape together a blip from nothing'), and how my relationship with my photography has changed. I'm now comfortable with my camera in my hand. It's part of me and I'm comfortable capturing moments both small and large. I feel as though my frustrated inner artist has finally found an outlet and that's a good feeling.

I've never been very sure about the journal part of Blip. I'm not really given to pouring out my innermost thoughts for public consumption but I have learned to open up just a little and I've really enjoyed connecting with so many of the wonderful people who make up this community of Blippers. My mother has certainly enjoyed keeping up with the day-today goings on in the lives of the boys so that alone has made the whole project worthwhile.

I had wondered if I'd keep on going once I reached 365 but I think I will, though in a different way. I'll definitely keep taking photos every day. I like the discipline. I'll definitely pop in here most days, if not every day, as I really like the inspiration and have so many lovely friends on here now. But I probably won't upload every day now. That's one self-imposed pressure I can live without! I will set myself a mini target though, to upload least twice a week...just so all my hard-earned new habits don't take flight :-)

So it's the end of one phase (and thank you Joe and the gang at Blip HQ for making this all possible) and the beginning of another, slightly more relaxed phase.

There is also another new beginning today. My friend Anna, who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, has given birth very prematurely to a tiny son, who weighs little more than a 1kg bag of sugar. Lots of positive vibes for teeny-tiny Alfred and his mum would be very very welcome.

And now I'm going to inspect my shiny new golden camera :-)

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