secret garden

By freespiral

Sleeping Beauty 2

Nice leisurely morning followed by a walk with Sheila. We re-visited the walk done with son number 1 a few weeks ago but this time there was no mist or fog so we could see where we were. Sheila has no qualms about exploring and was a willing accomplice as we peeped in two old neglected farmhouses. Both had superb coastal views, both very attractive stone and in their day, both would have been quite handsome and posh buildings. Now abandoned or filled with bales of straw, they ares slowly being recliamed by nature.

This little door was in the same house as this - a very handsome old plank door completed with (bashed in) doorknob and metal latch decorated with a little heart, now strangely patterned with ivy. This little house yields many future blips! I will be back!

Latest news here - apparently Hamlet was Irish!!! An 'expert' has done extensive research and found that Hamlet derives from something impossibly complicated and Irish rather than Danish. The Irish Examiner was delighted and is now claiming Liam Shakespeare as one of their own!!

Up early tomorrow as we are starting a walking bus! I am to be positioned to the west of the school, and the Principal is to be positioned to the east, and the children will be dropped off and then walked to school - weather permitting. A great idea as so few of them actually walk anywhere even though we are very rural. I have twenty minutes to herd them to school which I think is a bit optimistic as it's over a mile and I have the two smallest in my flock. It will be interesting!

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