The second half of life..

By twigs

Tending to the spirit

Another crazy day - one which began with a mere 5 degrees :/ Summer is truly over methinks!!

Missed a lunchtime meeting as I'd managed to fix it in my mind it was an after school meeting. Darn! I hate that. Did manage to do a super-quick version after school though, before heading off to another meeting! The thing I found the most satisying about the latter meeting was the collegial approach to problem solving rather than the heavy-handed, dictatorial approach that I've felt has existed in the past. I try to work from a 'this is where we need to get to be so how are we going to get there?' approach which doesn't sit easily alongside those who have had a 'this can't change' approach. I really felt things have changed today though - a definite shift in (what I see as) the right direction.

Spent too long after work tidying up loose ends, dotting i's and crossing t's so, after everything else, I arrived home wired to the max.

It was a conscious effort to relax, let the stress go and ease myself down to the comfort of quiet and calm. This aromatherapy bottle - complete with bamboo sticks to help diffuse the aroma - has helped me heaps I think (or maybe I'm just addicted to beautiful smell?!) I've also just made myself a nice cup of home-made chai latte - d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!! I made it a new way tonight - using my stove-top espresso thingy! - and the experiment seems to have worked pretty well :)

So, at what is a very early hour for me - I'm off to bed now to rest up large, ready for more of the same tomorrow - just a little bit different!


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