Woodland stroll

I grabbed a quick break just after lunch and went back to the scene of Saturday's blip. Having now discovered this entrance to St Anne's Park and its pond and its little mock temple and its folly on the hill, I can see myself forsaking my usual apprach to the park and wearing this bit out instead.

It was a gloriously sunny afternoon (a bit nippy, but pleasant all the same), and I thoroughly enjoyed my little wander and the little bit of blipping I managed to fit in before my battery ran out and the spare turned out not to be fully charged either. Just as well, perhaps. I could quite happily have spent much longer exploring this new neck of the St Anne's woods, but I really did need to get back home and knuckle down to some work. I have an early start tomorrow morning to prepare for my hospital visit (which I'm not at all looking forward to), and I've been warned to expect some discomfort afterwards, so work might not be much on my mind tomorrow.

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