Pictorial Allsorts

By calvininjax

Spring Cabbage

Had to be up early today to get to my third and final session of counseling. I have regressed somewhat with the recent bad news from the UK. The counselor said that was understandable. Wow! What penetrating insight!

Anyway, the counselor decided she wanted to see me again, so I am booked in for my final final session next month. In true American tradition, the session ended with a hug. Not my idea of professionalism but when in Rome...

To be honest, I look upon on these counseling sessions as my social life, the chance to talk with educated women. Dr Westberg, my GP, told me about her recent trip to Tanzania where she worked for a month and how the abject poverty she encountered has forced her to rethink her own value system. I like Dr Westberg.

I used the walk back home after this heady social whirl as today's photographic safari. I don't know whether it was because I was in need of coffee and a cigarette but the creative juices were not flowing as freely. Perhaps it was because I was bored with walking the same old streets of Riverside. I don't know.

I fired off several shots but none was really gripping. This shot of a spring cabbage was the pick of the bunch. Don't ask what the others were. :-) I refer to this vegetable as spring cabbage and loved it back in England. In the United States, it is called kale and that name is slightly offputting to me, as it denotes cattle food.

Anyway, spring cabbage is today's serving. The roast beef and potatoes will follow tomorrow. :-) Just kidding.

B&W conversion with Silver Efex Pro in Photoshop CS3.

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