A pest? Moi??

So troublesome... but it just makes me appreciate how good he is when he isn't toothy.
Check out his elvis impersonation
So cute. It's lucky, because no one else could wake me up twice in the night and get away with it. He likes his bed and he'll ask for a snooze in the day time and tuck himself in at 7.30 no problems but he usually gets up for a cuddle if his gums are sore. I'm the only cure for a sore gum, you see.

But I've started to doubt these last few teeth will ever arrive

Thanks for the lovely comments yesterday. I hope I didnt offend anyone who stops by regularly.. I love reading your comments.. its not even the random 'I hate those dolls' comments.. it's the way they make me think I shouldn't take a picture of my blythe, when I want to, because there's an octopus dying to sit on her head.

I think I shall have to get another blythe...
Oh, and I bought a sonny angel. It's all jellycats fault :D

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