mild disruptions

The day started much as any other. Edgar started squeaking at around half past four, was brought through at about quarter past five, stuck his sharp-nailed wee finger up my nose and squeezed to give me a nosebleed at about quarter to six, was taken through to his room to let Nicky sleep until about half-past six then taken downstairs to let her sleep better. Though he doesn't usually let being up at half-past four disrupt his schedule at all he went for his morning nap an hour early but then spent the next two hours looking extremely sleepy but refusing to sleep further. When he was taken to the first birthday party of one of his infant colleagues a bit later I popped to work to drop off some clothes then went for a freshening trundle but was called back early just as I reached a possible apex when the plasterer who was coming round to examine and thereafter quote on three rooms' ceilings turned out to also be ready an hour earlier than expected, meaning I had to go back the short but hazardous way along the prom, though I don't think I was scowling too much when I passed G, BB and (presumably, somewhere: when going along Silverknowes prom all dogs are merely classified by the immediacy of hazard they represent) Ruaridh, barely recognising them in time and only being able to vaguely wave behind me. The plasterer was lurking in a van a wee bit down the road when I got back but had at least waited even after turning up early.

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