Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1


Another early morning today to get over to Altens for my offshore survival training, it always amuses me to hear that the guys coming up from Fife can get there in the same time as it takes me to drive around 20-22 miles across the city, madness!

Anyway today wasn't so bad as we only had a few hours of classes in the morning before heading to the pool to start the practical, it mainly consisted of stepping into the pool, swimming about a bit, climbing into life rafts, swimming around some more before being winched out of the pool, they then talked us through the HUET or helicopter underwater egress training.

This is the section most feared, although in a strange way I really enjoyed it the last time and I am looking forward to it tomorrow, in a controlled environment its really not scary at all, but I cant imagine how terrifying it would be to do this for real out in the North Sea.

Tonight was going to be of the Cayo in the moonlight, but as I got home I noticed the moon was almost full, and it was just crying to be blipped, a steady hand and many shots were need to get a photo of the moon handheld through the telescope lens.

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