Can't remember Holi with fond memories. Well, maybe some day I will be that teenager again furtively throwing water balloons on strangers' heads.

Within the first couple of minutes of Scent of a woman, I knew I would like it. It turned out I wasn't wrong. I appreciate a repeating background score, especially one that can mirror a variety of moods with a change in tempo and instrument. I cannot remember Al Pacino in a more believable role.

Lazed around a bit as the day moved forward. It was cloudy with steady gusts. I am not fond of taking my camera into food joints, but had to capture some colour for the occasion. Instead of the 18 pieces from once-upon-a-time, I had 14 today. The food neither made me "drool" nor yawn", though the questionnaire that followed tried to make me choose between them. Naturally it was left unanswered. I remembered the last time we had been to a KFC joint, which was about a year ago in Hyderabad with friends and I had decided not to return. Though it did quench my chicken cravings, it was far from exciting. A good plate of Butter Chicken - Delhi's speciality - will be next.

Found a lot of evening bonfires in the area to mark Holi as well.

P.S. From the "One year ago" thumbnail, it turns out I was in KFC on the same day last year! What a coincidence!

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