I've passed by this sunken boat many times on my way into Sydney, and so today i got the opportunity to take a walk and take some images! I have no idea about the story behind this boat, but it does make for an interesting image!!!

I headed up to Sydney, early this morning for a dr's appointment, alone....with the whole day ahead of me! Usually when Terry and I head up to Sydney, we've got a long list of chores to be done....we try to be efficient cos it's an hours drive away. Terry's list usually is much longer than mine....and always involves a hardware store ... or two.....and as i'm mentioned before, not my favorite place. so today I got to spend it alone, doing 'shopping' my's been awhile since i've done that, and i've sort of forgotten how liberating it is to be alone.....and not have to refer to another! Not that I am at all complaining about shopping with Terry, there is something else that you get when with your partner, it's a very companionable activity..... but i used to spend a lot of time alone, and i shop very differently than Terry! I'm more of the move fast from isle to isle, get what i came in for and head out again....not much of a wandering around the big stores. Except when it comes to Value Village...and i've got to be in a certain mood for that place! Anyway, i had a great time, did all the things on my list, had a leisurely lunch with my book! and then a bit of a walk about with the camera!

But it was lovely to finally arrive home, around 5pm, and be greeted by a very exuberant pair of'd think i'd been gone for months.....and by a very happy Terry with a big hug!!!

I then set too in the kitchen, and created a wonderful curried shrimp was an amalgam of a few recipes....cos i didn't have all the ingredients for any one of the made for a very creative energetic dance in the kitchen which i totally enjoyed. Along with a glass (or 2) of wine and listening to Adele's cd...which i was a lovely way to end the day! the dish was totally delicious - and now i'm finishing off the day at the computer!!

Have a glorious weekend Blippers!

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