Returning View....

One more small step towards the end of winter. This view is what i cherish during the spring, summer and gets completely obliterated during the winter....there have been 3 layers here, and now we are on the last layer and the vista is being revealed....that makes me happy!

In other news....i did something very shocking....i weighed myself....omg...i knew it was bad, but it's really, really bad!!! and suffice to say i won't be exposing myself in the same way other blippers have - with weights on scales being photographed! I haven't weighed myself in 3-4 years...have been feeling the pinch of things getting a bit tighter year after year....but now, after almost 2 years of the 'happy' life here with Terry.....i had a suspicious feeling things were not good!!! I used to think that when i was miserable i ate more, drank more and generally drowned my sadness in whatever comfort i could find! But i don't have that excuse anymore......So, tomorrow i start! A new eating plan, which i've done before and lost a good few pounds, but it means being organized, being mindful of what i eat (that's the problem isn't it!!!) and paying attention. Nothing i can't handle i'm not going to get myself all worked up about it....i'm calmly going to take care of this situation....before i resemble a beached whale!!! (not really that bad!)

Other than that scary's been a good day!

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