Walking Meditation.

Well another wonderful spring retreat here at Big Hill has come to a close! What a splendid weekend it has been.....started of very cold and overcast, but by yesterday afternoon the sun came out and it went up a few degrees.

We spent both mornings doing some sitting meditation and listening to Pema Chodron talk about Shenpa..... also referred to as 'that sticky feeling' you get when you are feeling hooked by your emotional response to something or someone. Lots of sharing and examples of how we are caught in this habitial pattern, usually a negative form ..... and actually, it was surprising how much laughter took place during these discussions. Seems like we could all relate to the various sharings of awful ways we've behaved! But the main message in all this teaching from the buddhist perspective, is being kind and compassionate to yourself - especially to yourself....because then it trickles out and you find yourself being much more empathetic and compassionate to your fellow humanbeings! Pretty powerful stuff.....and also very moving!

This is us on our walking meditation this morning. It was glorious.....a bit on the chilly side but nonetheless totally beautiful!

Much of the weekend also seemed to revolve around food......we eat very well during these retreats.....and we were able to send most folks off this afternoon with lots of left overs for the coming few days. We have enough fruit, soup, salad, cheese......cookies.....and more, to last us the week!

I am always left with such a deep feeling of contentment after such a weekend. often times during the weekend i hit a bit of a wall and need to 'retreat' to my room! but by the completion i feel very grateful to have this practice in my life and to be sharing this experience with other wonderful souls!

Now for a bit of space here....just Terry and I...and the dogs!

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