What's changed

Most people born and bred in Canterbury are fiercely proud and support the "red and black" (red and black being the provincial colours representing Canterbury).

Being an import my allegiance is less. As I bike home today I made a curious observation, inwardly I felt a sense of resonance as I biked past the brewery where Canterbury Draught is brewed.

It's starkly red and black as well as damaged (at least in part).

At this point of my journey I don't usually linger. I'm not keen to experience an aftershock and test the structural integrity of the building as I bike past.

It's an ugly building but it's colour scheme is deeply significant for Cantabrians. I recognised that today. It's a symbolic building, wounded yet proudly proclaiming Canterbury.

I don't think I'll convert to an ardent rugby supporter but I was quietly pleased we won at Twickenham. People here need all the good news and hope they can get.

On the sewer front my area is limping badly. The drain unblocking boys are at work several times a day in my neighbourhood at all hours of the day and night keeping things going.

I can still flush but I think those days are numbered. I've unpacked my chemical toilet. Hopefully I can figure out how to set it up before I need it.

In the meantime the drainage guys suggested an addition to our real loos. Keep the lid down, cover with an old towel and place a brick on top. Yep, when they're clearing the system it can burp in reverse and back up people's loos.

I hope that doesn't happen, least of all when I'm using it ;-)

4 more big sleeps and I spend the weekend relaxing in the country with the hunter.

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