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This is my 8th entry for my pictures of people challenge

I came across this guy by chance, as I was coming back from the gym. I thought I might take a picture of him. He's one of the regular performers on the Royal Mile. Unfortunately his performance had already finished, so I just came up to him and had a chat, asking him what kind of performance he did and so on. He was a very friendly guy. I asked him if he didn't mind me taking a picture of him and he said he didn't, so I took a couple. He then gave me his card and asked me to send him the pictures I took, which of course I did.

I decided to do a colour one for him because of the amazing colour of his hair and goatee. If I'd had a fancy lens or photoshop, maybe I could have isolated that hair and goatee in a black and white shot but, unfortunately, I don't. In any case, I think it contrasts nicely with the blue at the back.

Had a day off today, which I didn't fully enjoy because I've got too many worries at the moment. In any case, while I was in the gym I managed not too think too much about them, which is good, and the gym made me feel better as well.

Yeah, on top of the shower carry on, now we can't cook either, because the electric cooker has stopped working. I think problems seem to attract other problems like a magnet, they always come all at the same time! Never mind.

I'll try and relax as much as I can this evening and get ready for work tomorrow.

Thanks very much for all your comments! :)

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