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By sharob

Bliss is ...


Christmas 2009, we Sky +'d The Aristocats. Clara fell in love. She watched this movie at least 3 times a day, every day. She was Marie! Ever since then, every teddy, every cat, every drawing is called Marie. A typical conversation as we're walking through the village "Mummy, that doggy is a girl", "Really Clara, how do you know that?", "Because her name is Marie!". She has this headband with Marie ears, she wears them very often - in fact, we had to buy a second pair as her first got filthy dirty and eventually just broke! she did have thr DVD but after so many watches and little fingers stuffing the DVD into the player, it just got unwatchable ...

So, today I noticed Tesco were selling Disney movies 'buy one get one free', so I grabbed it, along with Aladdin.

This evening we got home, Mr G announced that he actually had to go back to work so left me with bathing the girls. I popped Storm in the bath and asked Clara to follow her. I went to sort pyjamas and towels and was called as Storm had, again, poo'd in the bath! Grrr! I fished her out so she ran down the hallway whilst dropping more rocks! Great! I had to ask Clara to restrain her sister whilst I cleaned out the bath to put Storm back in - now Storm is a big girl and has a temper so it was quite an imposition on Clara but she took it and gently sang to Storm, trying her hardest to keep her from running away.

So her reward for being a super star helper is to watch Aristocats before bed (she promised to go straight to bed afterwards too) you should see her face, everytime a favourite part comes up, she grows a huge grin. It's actually making me feel a little emotional.


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